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Understanding Your Advantage with EICA

EICA's advantage lies in the fact that once opportunities are identified we do not waste time with red tape or unnecessary delays. Our due diligence teams are mobilized quickly, deals are analyzed, verified and decisions are made by the board immediately.

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Emirates International Capital Advisory is involved in active trading, investing and research in the global equity, debt, currency and commodity markets.

'We at EICA beieve strong and by studying past recessions that the leading force behind any economic recovery is innovation. The newer more efficient products and technologies are the busineses of the future. From the beginning, since our early investment in breakthrough technologies such as AVEC, we have maintained that fuel efficient and eliminating technologies are going to be profitable in the long run. Our long term view in this regard had remained unchanged and as each day passes we are more convinced by our decision to develop relationships with leading technology companies who share our vision.

February 25th 2010
Broadcast, Int. & EICA
On behalf of Emirates Capital, Envestors invites you to breakfast and a presentation by Broadcast International Inc. of an exciting Private Placement Opportunity. Read more

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